Don't Be A Litterbug
Posted On: 2009-01-02

(Hold up a paper carton or other piece of litter)

This month we've been talking a lot about conservation of natural resources, and next week on our camp-out we're going to tackle some conservation work in the woods.

But one thing we all do everyday to help is to avoid throwing litter around. (Toss litter in waste basket. ) I'm not saying that if we avoid littering, a tree will grow better or a wild creature will benefit. But we will, because a clean environment looks a lot better, and it will encourage us to do some real conservation work.

An awful lot of people are litterbugs. They think nothing of tossing cans, bottles, cartons and other junk on to the ground wherever they go. it's a disgusting habit, and one I hope none of you does or will ever start.

As Scouts, we should live by the Outdoor Code and be clean in our outdoor manners. That means we never throw litter on the trail and we always leave our campsites better than we found them. Let's try to remember that all the time, not only when we're outdoors with the troop.



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