Good Turn Hint
Posted On: 2022-03-02


Our program theme this month is called "Good Turn Hunt. " Makes it sound like Good Turns are really hard to find, doesn't it?

They're not really. If you always remember that a Scout is kind and a Scout is courteous, you'll find yourself doing Good Turns all the time without thinking about it - helping another student pick up his dropped books, for instance, or taking out the garbage at home without being asked.

This month we're learning skills that someday might be much more important. . With first aid skills, you may save a life. So our Good Turn Hunt is partly a hunt for those skills. Later this month, we're going to start a hunt for a big Good Turn we'll do it in February for our chartered organization. That's part of this program theme, too.

But always - every day - you should be conducting your own Good Turn Hunt by remembering that a Scout is kind and courteous.