Your Development
Posted On: 2022-03-01


(Show a roll or package of camera film)

If you looked at this roll of film before development, you cannot tell what kind of picture it will make. The film looks exactly the same after snapping the shutter as it did before.

But after development, the image appears on the film and you can see what the picture will be when it is printed.

As I look at you Scouts, I wonder how your exposure has been. You all look the same on the surface, yet I know there are differences within each of you. Like the film, you have been exposed to good and bad things that will make an impression when you develop.

Unlike the film, you have brains. You know what is inside yourself and can do something to make certain your development is good.

Follow the ideals of Scouting - the Slogan, Motto, Scout Oath, and Law. If you live according to those high standards, you can be sure your development will be good as you grow older, and you will be able to enter manhood fully prepared to be a good citizen of our great nation.