Big Enough
Posted On: 2022-03-01


Scouts, for hiking you have to use a map scale to measure the distance between points.

Tonight I'm thinking of another kind of measuring. I get the feeling that we don't realize how often we measure ourselves, day after day.

When you look at a heavy package and say, “That’s too heavy for me to lift," what are you measuring? The size of the package - perhaps. But even more, you're measuring yourself. You are not big enough to handle this package - or perhaps you just think you aren't.

It may be your homework. We say, "It's too much," when we really mean, "I'm not enthusiastic enough about that much work".

You see, in cases like that we're talking about ourselves, really, rather than the amount of our homework.

Our big idea - all over America - is "Be of service. " Some may say, "Oh, it's too much bother," but others will prove that they are big enough to measure up to this idea.

When we look at a job we take our own measures.