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Building A Computer

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PERSONNEL:7 Cub Scouts

EQUIPMENT: A case such as a soda pop case or a brief case, etc., a board with mother written on it, large picture of a ram, steering wheel, board cut like a key or a key painted on the board and a window screen.

CUB 1: We have been asked to show you how to build a computer. By the time we are through you will become very knowledgeable on the makeup of a computer.

CUB 2: First you must have a case to mount your equipment.


(Holds up a case, such as an old soda pop case, or a brief case, etc.)

CUB 3: Next you need a mother board to wire all your circuitry and to hold all of the memory that makes the computer work..

(Holds up the board that has mother written on it.)

CUB 4: You will then need to add RAM, so the computer can work logically and perform its tasks.

(Holds up the picture of a ram.)

CUB 5: Now you will need a hard drive to interface and store the information to be put into the computer.

(Boy holds up a steering wheel and says, "Whew, that was a hard drive here.")

CUB 6: You will need a screen to be able to see what tasks the computer is doing and to see what you are telling the computer.

(Boy holds up a window screen.)

CUB 7: And finally you will need a keyboard to tell the computer what functions you want it to perform and to type in your data.

(Holds up a board cut out in the shape of a key or has a key painted on the board.)

CUB 1: Now that you know all there is to know about computers we would like to welcome you to this Pack’s Meeting ...World of Computers.



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