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Mentally Awake

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(Have a junior assistant Scoutmaster enter the room apparently in the throes of choking. He's gasping for breath, grabbing his throat, turning red. See what the response is. )

Well Scouts, that was scary, wasn't it? How many of knew what was apparently happening to him? How many of you knew the proper first aid?

Jim was just acting, of course, to make a point. The point is you have to be mentally awake to be prepared to give first aid. It's one thing to practice slapping backs and doing the manual thrusts. It's another to recognize trouble when it comes and know what to do without panicking. Sure you may be a little scared the first time you have to make real rescue or give first aid to someone who really needs it. But that's the test of the first aider.

Be alert to recognize trouble. When it comes, stay cool. Then act. Your training in first aid in our troop probably will make you better prepared to help than anyone else on the scene.



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