Family Night
Posted On: 2022-02-23


Next week we'll have our big family night and court of honor, and I'm hoping that all your families will be here and have a great time. We only have a family activity once every three or four months, so it's a big deal for us when our parents, brothers, and sisters join us at a court of honor or another event. But you know, every night should be a family night for you.

Sound strange? Well, I don't mean that the troop should meet every night and invite our families. What I do mean is that you should share some part of every day with your families. Maybe just during the dinner hour or even 15 minutes over your homework. The point is that your family is the center of your life and will remain so until you're grown up and are leaving home, perhaps to start a new family.

If you have a chemistry set at home with a little vial of mercury in it, try this experiment. Put a glob of mercury on a piece of paper. Then take a knife and cut it up into three or four smaller globs. When you tilt the paper towards the center, the little globs will run together into a big glob again. A family is like that - two or three or four or more individuals who come together at times into one big whole. Make it a point to share some time with your family every day.