Rock, Paper, Scissor, Glue
Posted On: 2022-02-22


Formation – groups of 3-4 sitting in a circle

Equipment – none

Game: The object of the game is to see who can get ‘caught’ the least. Start by having each girl place one hand palm side up in front of them. Make a fist with their other hand and place it into the palm of their other hand. Then all at once, each girl taps their fist 3 times. On the third tap – they are to reveal their game hand.

The Rock is a fist

The Paper is an open hand

The Scissors is the fist with the first two fingers out to show ‘scissors’

The Glue is a fist with just one finger pointing out.

Rules are as follows,

Rock beats – scissors and glue

Paper beats – rock

Glue beats – scissors and paper

Scissors beats – paper