Boys And Their Pockets
Posted On: 2020-08-21


Preparation: You will need each boy to have one of the following in his pockets: a frog (plastic, unless you are brave), dirt, marbles, rocks, and a small flag. Have boys practice their parts ahead of time.

Cub Master or den leader: Have you ever wondered what boys keep in their pockets and why? Lets see what we can find out tonight.

Boy 1 -(pulls out frog) This frog reminds me of freedom of speech, he can croak all he wants and no one stops him.

Boy 2-(pulls out dirt) This dirt reminds me of our forefathers as they put their feet on American sod for the first time.

Boy 3-(pulls out marbles) These marbles remind me of the pilgrims as they worked and played in this new land of freedom.

Boy 4-(pulls out small flag) This flag stands for our country will you please join me in the pledge of allegiance?




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