Marble Relay
Posted On: 2022-02-22


Formation – Teams in individual circles

Equipment – marbles and 3 cups

Game: One cup is filled with 20 marbles and is placed inside the center of the team sitting in a circle. On the signal, the team leader removes a marble from the cup and places it in her cupped hand. She then passes it to the girl on her left who receives it in her cupped hand. When the marble reaches the last girl (next to the leader) – she then places it in the empty cup. Next, she gets up and runs over to the table with her team's second empty cup, and places the marble inside. She returns to the circle. Continue this until all the marbles are in the third cup. Marbles dropped are lost. No more than one marble can be ‘in play’ at one time. (Another marble can be started AFTER the first one is placed in the second cup and the player is running to place it in the third cup.) The first one done with the most marbles wins.