Cotton Ball Relay
Posted On: 2022-02-22


Formation – Teams

Equipment – Plastic spoons, a bag of cotton balls, and an empty bag.

Game: Each team member is given a plastic spoon. The first person in line receives a bag of cotton balls, the last person in line receives an empty bag. The team lines up in a close zigzag formation. At the start, the first person places a cotton ball on the second person's spoon. The second person drops the cotton ball into the spoon of the third person. This continues to the end of the line where the last person grabs the cotton ball and places it in the bag. Dropped cotton balls are out of play and can not be picked up. No one except the first and last person can touch the cotton balls with their hands. If they do, the cotton ball must be dropped and is out of play. The team with the most cotton balls in the bag at the end of the race is the winner.