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Kick The Can

Country – United States

Formation – Circle

Equipment – An empty can, chalk

GameDraw a circle large enough so that all the players can stand around it. Put the can in the center of the circle. Choose somebody to be ‘it’. The rest of the players stand around the circle. One player goes into the circle and kicks the can as far as possible. Everyone runs to hide except ‘it’ who must retrieve the can and run back to the circle. When she reaches the circle she yells, “freeze”. Everyone stops running exactly where they are. Some players may not have hidden yet, depending on how quickly ‘it’ retrieves the can and puts it back into the circle.

The object is for the hidden players to run into the circle and yell, “home free” before ‘it’ can tag them. If ‘it’ tags them before they get to the circle, they become prisoners and must freeze. Prisoners froze can be freed by being tagged by players running into the circle. The freed prisoners must then run into the circle and yell, “home free” before ‘it’ can retag them. The last one to enter the circle becomes ‘it’. And the game starts over.


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