Posted On: 2009-01-04

Country - Haiti

Formation – Informal

Equipment – A bouncy ball, 12 jacks, stones, or nuts (Osselets)

GameOne player picks up the ball and the stones. They toss them into the air so they land on the ground in random places. The ball must be caught on the bounce for that player to start. If the thrower doesn’t catch the ball on the bounce, then the next person gets to start the game. Start by bouncing the ball and picking up one stone (Osselet). The ball can only bounce once. If either the ball or the osselet is dropped - or the ball bounces more then once. The player hands the ball to the next in line.

If they catch the ball and the hold on to the osselet, they go again. When they go again, they must keep the first osselet in their hand and bounce the ball. They keep doing this until one player had 5 stones (osselets). They are the winner.

Variation – play the game the same except the ball must be tossed into the area and caught before it bounces on the ground.





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