Four Square
Posted On: 2022-02-19


Country - Australia

Formation – Square

Equipment – Chalk and a tennis ball

Game – In the blacktop, draw one very large square (6 yards) and divide it into 4 equal squares. Mark the squares King, Queen, Jack, Dunce. This is the ranking order. Each player stands inside one of the four squares. The King bounces the ball to any other square. The King must bounce the ball in her square and hard enough to reach another square in one bounce. The player must try to catch the ball. Then they bounce it onto another player. If the player doesn’t bounce the ball hard enough to get to the other square they are out. If a player who was to catch the ball misses.

They must go to the Dunce square. Each remaining player moves up a square. So the Dunce becomes the Jack, the Jack the Queen, and the Queen the King. The object is to keep moving up in ranks to become King. The last person in the square is the winner. If they are the King, they stay in the next game and 3 new players join in.