Hark I Hear A Critter
Posted On: 2022-02-19


Country - Canada

Formation – Informal

Equipment – paper, and stamps

Game - Each of the leaders choose an animal...(pig, cow, owl, etc.) then the leaders hide...we tend to hide under piles of leaves..... in the tall grass...wherever will be difficult to be found.... each leader has with her a stamp, and each girl has a small sheet of paper.

The leaders make the appropriate animal sound in intervals.... the girls have to locate all of the leaders...and receive their stamp from each hidden Guider.... when all the girls have found all of the leaders. Then the game is over...

We play this game fairly late at night...the girls cannot use flashlights though...so that the difficulty level is enhanced. Just make sure that the area you choose is free of large debris, and doesn't have anything they could get injured with.