Who Was It?
Posted On: 2022-02-19


Country - Iran

Formation – Line (mice), and sitting (cat)

Equipment – Stone, block, or other small objects that will make a noise when hit (for the cat). The mice need a small stone, or stick, or something that will make a noise when it hits the cat's stone.

Game – All the girls except one stand behind a safety line. They are the MICE. One, chosen to be the CAT, sits down a short distance away, hangs her head, and shuts her eyes. Place the cat's stone out in front of her (5’). While the Cat’s eyes are closed, one of the Mice (leader can pick if needed) runs from the line taps the Cat’s stone with their stone. The others chant. “Little mouse, little mouse beware! The cat may get you!”

The mouse runs back to the line, and the others chant, “Who was it? Who was it? It wasn’t I!” The CAT then opens her eyes and must guess the name of the one who tapped the stone. If correct, that mouse takes the place of the CAT. If not, the CAT tries again.