Big Lantern, Little Lantern (O-ke cho-chin, chi-chai cho-chin)
Posted On: 2022-02-19


Country - Japan

Formation – Circle

Equipment – none

Game – One player is ‘it’. She turns to her neighbor on either her right or left and says ‘Big Lantern’ (O-ke cho-chin). At the same time, she makes the shape of a big lantern with her hands. The person addressed then turns to her right or left and says ‘Little Lantern’ (chi-chai, cho-chin), making the shape of a little lantern.

The play goes on, to the right or left. The size of the lantern must be consistent with the words. Start out slow and then speed up the pace. If a player messes up the rhythm of the game, places the incorrect size of the lantern with the lantern they said, they are out.