Be Thankful
Posted On: 2020-08-21


PERSONNEL: Two Cub Scouts or two leaders.

CUB #1: Oh boy, Thanksgiving is coming! Turkey, stuffing and lots of pumpkin pie. Boy, am I going to pig out!

CUB #2: Is that all Thanksgiving means to you?

CUB #1: Sure, what does it mean to you?

CUB #2: Eating a big dinner is only a small part of Thanksgiving. It is a time to celebrate and to give thanks for all that we have.

CUB #1: Oh! Yea, to give thanks for that pumpkin pie.

CUB #2: To give thanks for everything we have, not just for the food, but our homes, family and friends, and our freedoms.

CUB #1: Freedoms?

CUB #2: Yes, the Pilgrims celebrated religious freedom with a feast after a year in the new world. The other freedoms that we enjoy in America are freedom of speech, freedom to live as we choose, and the freedom to elect our leaders.

CUB #1: I never realized that I had so many things to be thankful for.