Dutch Compass Game
Posted On: 2009-01-08

The fifteen players stand in a circle, 10' to 12' in diameter.

The umpire stands in the centre of the circle holding a staff upright with one end on the ground. On the words, "Fall In," players take up positions on the circle (facing inwards) to represent the compass points, the umpire indicating where a space is to be left to represent North. He commences by calling a compass direction say ESE and simultaneously releases his hold of the staff. The player occupying the ESE position on the circle must catch the staff before it has fallen. If he succeeds he returns to his place and another direction is called.

When a player fails, he goes to the North space on the circle and the place he left becomes the new North, all of the players immediately picking up their new compass points. The umpire calls new direction.



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