Art Relay
Posted On: 2009-01-08

Equipment needed: three coloured felt pens for each team, masking tape, sheets of newspaper.

Divide boys into six or eight-man teams. In front of each team a large piece of newspaper is hung on a wall with masking tape. Pens are placed on a chair, or on the floor, beside each team's paper. Line up teams about 10' away. They are told to illustrate a well-known story or TV show; or Christmas, New Year's or Easter.

On signal, first player in each team dashes to wall, picks up a pen, draws a specific part: head, hat, ears, face, body, etc. Or each member may be told what part to draw. Then he puts down pen, runs back, touches off next boy. Each member adds one more part to picture. First team to finish wins recognition for speed, but special recognition is given for picture that is best team effort.


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