Newsboy Bicycle Contest
Posted On: 2022-02-01

Arrange five large, clean garbage cans or wastebaskets in line, each about 25' apart. Draw a chalk line on the pavement, parallel to and 15' from the cans. Each boy in turn is given ten rolled-up newspapers, which he may carry in a bag or in a bicycle basket. He must ride his bicycle along the line, on the far side of it, and toss one newspaper into each can. When he reaches the last can he turns and rides back, tossing the remaining newspapers into the cans. He must not stop or dismount.

Five points will be deducted each time a boy stops or gets off his bike. Two points are awarded for each newspaper thrown successfully into a can; one point is awarded for each paper that only hits a can. The high score wins. In case of a tie, the boys go through the contest again.