The Endangered Hoppit
Posted On: 2022-02-01

Also from Science Is... Here's a great game for Beavers or Cubs with a whole lot of energy to burn. Hoppits are imaginary creatures that hop around gathering materials from the ground (rocks, twigs, leaves). Hoppits need a home where they can store the things they gather and stop hopping when they need to rest. Mark out a large circle as home.

When the game begins, the Hoppits hop around on two legs gathering materials from the ground and taking them to the home area, where each builds his own pile. Every Hoppit needs to keep his pile at least as high as the other piles, so he must keep hopping and gathering. When he's tired, however, he can stop in the home area to rest.

After about five minutes. tell the Hoppits that bad weather has limited their food supply. Because life is now harder for Hoppits, they can only hop on one leg. The Hoppits continue hopping and gathering materials, resting when necessary in the home area. If a Hoppit accidentally hops on two legs, he dies and takes to the sidelines.

After about 5 minutes of one-legged hopping, tell the Hoppits that humans have built a shopping mall on their home. Although they may leave their piles there and continue adding to them, they no longer have a place to stop and rest. To stay alive, however, they must continue hopping on one leg and adding to their piles. How many are left after two minutes? Five minutes? How long can the Hoppits survive?