Silly Symphony: Clouds on the Clothesline
By: Jack Pearse Posted On: 2022-02-01

Jane McCutcheon & Barry Laughton combines a limited kind of hunt with a whole lot of fun for groups of six or more. Give the players 10 to 15 minutes to find natural objects that make a noise when you bang them together, rub them together, or blow on or through them. When they come back, organize them into a semicircle and ask each to "tune" his instrument so that the others hear what it sounds like. Then, ask the orchestra for a simple, favorite song and conduct them as they sing and play along with it. After a few of their own songs, introduce them to this one from Scouting (U.K.) magazine. The tune is Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.

Paper, plastic, scattered on the ground,

Litter, litter, everywhere around.

Why do we leave it?

Why not take it home?

No more litter wherever we may roam.

Broken glass and bottles on the land,

If you leave them, you may cut a hand,

Do your duty,

Take away the glass,

Leave the animals to enjoy the grass.

Discarded fish hooks by the riverside,

Discarded litter scattered far and wide.

Do the ducks a favor,

Have a bit of care,

Let's leave a countryside that we all can share.

Listen carefully to this little tune,

Litterbugs aren't welcome, even on the moon.

Pick up your litter, Put it in the bin.

Then we'll all enjoy the world we live in.