Poet's Hunt
Posted On: 2022-02-01

From Scouting (UK) magazine, we borrowed an idea Cubs will enjoy. Give each six a copy of the poem and a collecting bag, set a time limit, and send them on their hunt. Caution them to bring back only fallen materials or nonliving things. Tell them to note the locations of the other items in the poem so that they can lead the pack to them after time is up.

  • Find something hard,
  • Find something soft,
  • A plant in the ground.
  • A twig from aloft.
  • Find something hairy.
  • Find something dead,
  • And a place where an animal
  • Might make a bed.
  • Find a food for a bird
  • And some for a rabbit
  • And a kind of plant
  • With a stinging habit.
  • Find a twig from a tree
  • That has a white bloom,
  • And something that could be
  • An insect's home;
  • A plant that climbs,
  • And one that creeps.
  • And one that grows
  • On rubbish heaps.
  • Let's Play