Colour-As-You-Go Turtle
Posted On: 2009-01-08

Manitoba Council's Beaver Tales passed along this hunt idea. Make a big turtle as illustrated and after checking the route of your next nature walk, put into each section of shell an item the Beavers will see, hear, or smell along the way. On your walk, either give each lodge or tail group a turtle and a packet of crayons or let each Beaver carry a turtle and a few crayons. As they discover something, they colour in a part of the turtle.

You can adapt the turtle to a nature walk in any season. For spring, Manitoba Beavers try to find a spring leaf; an animal home; a bird flying; a hollow log; shaggy bark; a spider web; a seed pod; anything under a rock; a gurgling brook; a bird in a tree; new shoots of a plant; the smell of an evergreen tree; the sound of the wind in the trees; something soft as Santa's beard; a maple leaf; a bud on a tree;a bird in a bush; dead leaves; a place where woodpeckers have been; a new plant; an insect; clouds in the sky: air bubbles at the edge of water: and a bird's song.



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