Express Post
Posted On: 2022-01-31

  • Indoors
  • Equipment: 1 bean bag; 2 boxes or chairs
  • Formation: Circle

List the names of some towns, one for each Cub in the circle.

The Pack stands in a circle, the leader gives each Cub the name of a town. The bean bag is placed in the center and the two boxes or chairs are positioned outside the circle as mailboxes.

One Cub is the 'postman', who calls, 'I have a letter to deliver.' The players call out, 'Where from?' The 'postman' calls out the name of a town and runs away with the bean bag pursued by the Cub who represents that town. The 'postman' suddenly places the bean bag in one of the mailboxes and makes a dash for the place vacated by the pursuing Cub. That Cub picks up the bean bag and tries to touch the 'postman' before he can get in. If he succeeds, the 'postman' is sacked and the other player takes his place.