I'm a Great Big Whale
Posted On: 2009-01-08

  • Indoors/outdoors
  • Equipment: Wool or some sort of flag to put into the back pocket.
  • Formation: Scatter

The Sixers stand in the middle of the room. They are the 'whales'. The rest of the Pack with a flag in their back pocket (sticking out), line up at either end of the room. They are little 'fishies'.

The 'whales' then chant, in deep whale-like voices, 'I'm a Great Big Whale at the bottom of the sea.'

The 'fishies' reply in high-pitched fish voices, 'And I'm a little fish and you can't catch me!'

The 'fishes' then race to the far end of the room and the 'whales' try to catch them by pulling the flag out of their pocket. Any who are caught become 'whales' and help to catch the rest of the 'fishes'. The game continues until one little 'fish' remains as the winner.



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