This is My House
Posted On: 2009-01-08

  • Indoors
  • Equipment: Chalk
  • Formation: Scatter

Draw a number of circles on the floor, just big enough for a Cub to stand in and two less than the Cubs in the Pack. These are houses.

One of the two extra Cubs is a 'rich man' and the other a 'policeman'. The 'rich man' goes around the country buying up houses without the owner's permission. He runs up to a house and says, 'This is my house!', whereupon the owner runs to another house and says the same thing, and so the game goes on.

Meanwhile the police are on the trail of all these people who remove without telling them, and the 'policeman' runs around trying to catch them changing houses. When he does catch an owner on the move, they change roles.




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