B Is For Birds
Posted On: 2020-08-21


NARRATOR: The Great Master who made us all, gave humans other creatures to be here on earth with us. Besides the creatures in the seas and the animals walking the land, we have the creatures with wings.

CUB #1: (with large sign with a "B" and several pictures of beautiful birds.)

B Stands for beauty. Some birds live near man. Look around and see them if you can. In your yard or on the street, listen and you can hear them so sweet.

CUB #2: The peacock, the pheasant, some others, too, 
Are birds of beauty for us to view.
Displaying a magnificent rainbow,
As they put on a beautiful strutting show.

CUB #3: The farmer raises birds for us to eat,
The chickens, ducks, turkeys are a treat.
Besides, how could we have scrambled eggs and more,
If these birds didn't do their laying chore?

CUB #4: There are many different kinds of birds in our land,
If you wish to see them, look to the sky.. not to the sand.
Over the mountains, cities, farms, valleys, and lakes,
To see them, just keep your eyes open, that's all it takes.

NARRATOR: Now as we begin our pack meeting, with our pledge to the flag, remember one of our symbols of America is the eagle. Will everyone please stand and join with me in the pledge.