The Huron Hop
Posted On: 2020-08-21

  • Outdoors/indoors
  • Equipment: 10 black headbands with one feather; 10 white headbands with one feather; 50 inflated balloons with pieces of string attached to each; tape or rope to mark circle on the ground.
  • Formation: teams

Divide the group into two teams; give each team headbands.

Draw a large circle on the floor and have 5-10 players from each team enter the circle. A balloon is tied to each player's left ankle.

The object of the gameis to break your opponent's balloon while trying to avoid having your own broken. Once your balloon breaks, you leave the circle to join the audience.

The game is played for five minutes and the team with the largest number of braves and maidens still in the circle wins. Play the game several times with new braves and maidens each time. While the game is going on, the audience shouts warwhoops !



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