Burst the Balloon
Posted On: 2009-01-08

  • Outdoors/indoors
  • Equipment: 30-40 balloons; pencil and paper for the scorekeeper
  • Formation: Scatter

The balloons are blown up and scattered on the floor. Players stand in scatter formation.

On 'GO', the object is to break as many balloons as possible, by sitting on them! When a person breaks a balloon, he shouts 'I SCORE!' and must put his hand in the air.

The scorekeeper then runs up to the person whose hand is in the air, marks a point down on his tally sheet. The player then tries to break another balloon and earn more points.

When all balloons are broken, scores are added up and a winner is declared.

Break the balloons by putting them between the knees and squeezing them until they break.
Burst the balloons by jumping on them with both feet.
Burst the balloons by squeezing them between two people.




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