Ride 'Em Cowboy
Posted On: 2009-01-08

  • Active, indoors.
  • Equipment: Per team: 1 ten gallon hat; 1 cowboy belt, holster and gun; 1 chair; 18 inflated balloons.
  • Formation: relay.

Divide the group into teams of six. A chair is placed about fifteen to twenty feet in front of each team.

On 'Go', the first person on each team puts on the ten gallon hat, cowboy holster and gun and places a balloon between his knees. He proceeds in bowlegged fashion to the chair, where he places the balloon on the seat and rides the 'bronco' until it 'breaks'.

He returns to his line, passing his hat and belt to the next cowboy.

The game proceeds in this relay fashion until all broncos have been broken.



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