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Quick Frozen Critters

From the Project Wild Activity Guide, this game focuses on the relationship between predators and prey. Use any set of predators and prey you wish (hawks and squirrels, wolves and deer, etc.).


  • Strips of paper 2 cm x 20 cm for prey
  • Safety pins
  • Predator identification (the simplest is to ask predators to tie their neckerchief around the right arm)
  • Five small circles (one to two metres diameter) marked with string or flour com on the ground to serve as temporary shelters
  • At least three food tokens per player (5 cm squares of cardboard work well)

To Play

Designate one end of the playing area permanent shelter for prey and the other end the prey's food supply where food tokens have been scattered on the ground.

Mark out five temporary shelters between the two ends of the play area. Organize the troop into predators and prey - one predator for every five prey. Prey animals pin a life on the right shoulder. Predators tie on neckerchiefs.

Play a series of five minute rounds so that no prey languish too long in the cemetery and everyone has a chance to be a predator.

During each round, prey must collect food tokens and bring them to their permanent shelter. They may bring only one token each trip. Predators must capture at least two prey animals by tearing a life from the shoulder. Captured prey go to the prey cemetery on the sidelines. Prey are safe from capture when standing in the permanent or any of the temporary shelters, but predators may go anywhere else in the play area. Prey have one other defensive option. They may freeze whenever a predator approaches within two metres. In the freeze position, the only things prey may move are eyelids. As long as a prey animal remains frozen, a predator may not capture him. Once the prey moves. it is open season.


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