Zulu Boy
Posted On: 2009-01-08

  • Type: Pack
  • Equipment: Hat

(See the Wolf Cub's Handbook page 16 for background story). One Cub is the Zulu boy who, instead of being painted white, wears a white-cocked hat made from paper, which he must not remove during the game. He is sent out to hide himself. The territory is the country or streets for about 600 yards in any direction from a well marked central spot. He is given ten minutes start in which time to get away and hide himself. The tribe (or Pack) are divided off into pairs, and let loose in different directions to hunt him. They can track him, ask passers-by, or if they find him they can chase him until they capture the hat. But the pair of hunters must be together to make the catch. He cannot be captured by a single Cub. The Zulu must not hide in any inhabited buildings, but he may ride in a vehicle, and he must keep his hat on all the time. If he succeeds in keeping his hat uncaptured for an hour he wins the game.



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