Kick Tin
Posted On: 2022-01-31

  • Type: Pack
  • Equipment: An old beer can (or similar). Area with cover.

Akela is the "Guardian of the Tin", which is placed in a circle about two feet across. The Cubs all stand around the circle and one of them kicks the tin out. Everybody then runs and hides except the Guardian who runs and puts the tin back. Then the Guardian goes to look for the Cubs and whenever he sees one, he calls his name, and they both race for the tin. If the Guardian reaches it first and kicks it, the Cub is a prisoner, but if the Cub reaches it first and kicks, he may go away and hide again. The prisoners stand near the circle, and when the Guardian is not looking, call "Rescue". Anybody who is hiding may then run out, and try, unseen by the Guardian, to kick the tin, and rescue one prisoner, and then they both run and hide again. Prisoners must be released in the order they were captured. Only the Guardian may replace the tin after a kick, and no kick counts unless the tin is in the circle. The Guardian must go and look for those in hiding, and not stand near the circle all the time.