An American Tribute
Posted On: 2020-08-21




PERSONNEL: 7 Cub Scouts

ALL: America is my country. How glad I am that this land is my land, prairie, forest, snow-capped peaks, mighty canyons, cities of steel and farms with red barns. How glad I am that this land is my land. My country is young, but it has a wonderful history.

CUB 1: It is Columbus, Plymouth Rock and Davy Crockett.

CUB 2: It is the Boston Tea Party and "Give me liberty or give me death".

CUB 3: And General MacArthur returning to the Philippines.

CUB 4: It is Washington and Lincoln and all the presidents who carried the burden of. leadership.

CUB 5: It is all the men and women who have died, so we may free.

CUB 6: And all the men, women, and children who are working today to keep it free.

CUB 7: It is you and I and all its people who love America's goodness and work each day to make it better.

ALL: In all the world are many lands. But in my land is more hope, promise, strength, and joy, then anywhere else on earth. America is my country How thankful I am that this land is my land.

CUB 1: America is my country

CUB 2: And mine ....

CUB 3: And mine ....

CUB 4: And mine ....

CUB 5: And mine ....

CUB 6: And mine ....

CUB 7: And mine ....

ALL: How thankful I am that this is my land.

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