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A Is for ADVANTAGES, We have so many more, Because we are Americans, Let's give thanks therefore.

M Is for MAJORITY, Decision by the most, That's the rule we follow from coast to rugged coast.

E Is for EDUCATION available to all, So every last American stands up straight and tall.

R Is for RELIGION, We worship as we will, A right we'll all cherish and let no evil kill.

I Is for INDEPENDENCE, That our fathers once developed, Our nation rose to greatness because these brave men dared.

C Is for CITIZENSHIP, of which we can be proud. So let's proclaim it daily and do it long and loud.

A Is for ASSEMBLY, to gather as we might. That's another privilege, another precious right.

N Is for NEWS, a press that's always free. A sentinel on watch to guard our Liberty.

I Is for IMPARTIAL, equal justice for us all. Law - the same for everyone, the great, the poor, the small.

S Is for our SPEECH, thought others may disagree, You may still express yourself, because our speech is free.

M Is for MOTTO, and that is why we say, "IN GOD WE TRUST", to live the good American way.

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