American Indian Opening
Posted On: 2019-03-12

CAST:  Cubmaster (leader), 4 Cubs in Indian costumes carrying artificial torches.

CM:  (Dressed as an Indian Chief)  Let the North Wind enter.

(One of the boys enters carrying a torch.  He stands by the campfire and says his line.  Others do likewise as they are called in.)

North Wind:  The North Wind that brings the cold, builds endurance.

CM:  South Wind enter.

South Wind:  The South Wind brings the warmth.

CM:  East Wind enter.

East Wind:  The East Wind brings the light of day.

CM:  West Wind enter.

West Wind:  The West Wind from the direction where the sun sinks, brings night and stars.

CM:  The Four Winds will light our council fire.

(All four boys touch the artificial torches to the fire at the same time.  At this moment, electrical cord is connected offstage, lighting the bulb in the "fire".)