Metro Medley
Posted On: 2022-01-20

Active, outdoors/indoors

Equipment: Per team: 1 conductor hat; 1 whistle

Formation: shuttle

Divide the group into two or more teams; line them up in shuttle formation, with half the team at one end of the playing area and the other half at the other end. The first member of each team is the conductor.

On 'Go', the conductor dons the hat, hangs the whistle around his neck, and runs to the far end of the playing area, where one-half of his team waits. Here, he picks up his first 'car' by bending down and placing his right hand between his legs, to join the left hand of the next player. Having attached the first car, the conductor blows his whistle and the two players run to the other end to pick up another car.

The relay continues until all players on the team are part of the 'metro'. The conductor signifies a complete train by blowing his whistle four times.