Stock-car Racing
Posted On: 2009-01-21

Active, outdoors/indoors

Equipment: none

Formation: relay

The Sixes line up in files. Each Cub is given the name of a car and when that car is called, he travels to the end of the area and back in the manner described, e.g.,:

1) Rolls-Royce: this never goes wrong - the Cub runs.

2) Austin: has a flat tire - the Cub hops.

3) Morris: is stuck in reverse - the Cub runs backwards.

4) Ford: very old model, can only go slowly - the Cub walks.

5) Mini: only small - the Cub runs, crouched down.

6) Humber: Pulls caravan - the Cub tows his Sixer behind.

7) Stock-car: everyone runs.



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