Commando Course
Posted On: 2022-01-20

Active, indoors/outdoors

Equipment: Per team: 1 6' pole; 1 small bike tire; 1 bowling pin; 2 balloons per team member; 2 chairs; rope to tie ankles.

Formation: relay.

Divide the group into teams of six. Line up each team at the start of each obstacle course.

On 'Go', the first member of each team ties his ankles together. He crawls on his stomach under the poles, (which are set up like jump poles, about 1 1/2' off the ground, supported by the chairs). He wiggles through the tire, knocks over the bowling pin with his nose, and bursts two balloons (the explosions). Players then crawl back to the start, where the second member of their 'combat team' is ready to begin.