Slash hike
Posted On: 2022-01-18

Water game, outdoors.

Equipment: None

Formation: group

This is a super small group game. Ask everyone to wear bathing suits and an old pair of shoes (a pair they can get wet). The game takes place in a stream or along the shallow shoreline of a lake or river.

The leader steps into the water, and instructs the group to 'follow the leader'. Everything the leader does is copied by the followers. After a few minutes of hiking, the leader falls to the back of the line to let a new leader take over. The hike can be as long or as short as time allows - it is fun to walk back to home base in the water, rather than by land; see if the group can hike backward for some of the return distance.

Some 'follow the leader' ideas:

Sit down on a stone; hop on one foot; play leapfrog; skip a flat stone out to sea; jump from one stone to another; build a small castle on the shore; climb a tree; stop, take off one shoe, empty water from it, and put it on again; crouch so that all of you is underwater; sing a song about the sea; try to catch a frog.