A Little Inconvenience
Posted On: 2022-01-18

Water game, outdoors.

Equipment: 1 soccer ball; 2 innertubes; 1 waterball; 2 water basketball hoops; blindfolds; string.

Formation: teams.

The object of this game is to allow players to experience the sensation of having a disability.

Divide the players into four teams, and set up a rotation so that each team takes part in each of the following activities:

1. Sensitivity walk,

2. Obstacle course in water, using innertubes.

3. dodgeball, and

4. water basketball.

Each activity is performed with a specific handicap:

1) When a team goes on the sensitivity hike, all participants are blindfolded. They simply go on a short hike and experience it without sight.

2) In a short obstacle course in shallow water (through an innertube, crawl on the bottom then through a second innertube) players must not use their arms.

3) In the dame of dodgeball in shallow water, each player's ankles are tied together. (One player in the center of the circle tries to hit another player with the soccer ball.

4) In a game of water basketball, players may not speak.

Following ten-minute rotations of each event, the group can discuss the sensations experienced by being temporarily handicapped.

We can soon learn it is not what you cannot do -- it is what you can do!