Bat Ball
Posted On: 2022-01-18

  • Indoors/outdoors
  • Equipment: Soccer or volleyball
  • Formation: Teams

Any outdoor area or gymnasium will do. Mark a home base in the middle of a 40 - 50' end line. Then mark a far base about 80' from home base.

The batter himself tosses up the ball and hits it with his hand or fist. After hitting the ball, he must run around the far base and return home before being hit by the ball, thrown at him by the defensive team. If he does not hit the ball over the 20' line, he gets another try. If he fails the second time, he is out. Members of the team in the field have no definite positions but scatter about the space beyond the 20' line. They try to put out the batter either by catching a fly ball or by hitting or tagging the batter with the ball. The fielders may not take more than one step while holding the ball or hold the ball for more than three seconds. They may pass it to another fielder closer to the runner. The batter may not run wider than the extent of the end line. Three outs retire the side. Any predetermine number of innings may be played.

Every time a home run is made, score 1 for the team at-bat.