Balloon Crab Ball
Posted On: 2022-01-13

  • Indoors
  • Equipment: A supply of balloons
  • Formation: Teams

Establish two goal lines, 40' apart. Divide the players into two teams and have them sit on the goal lines facing each other with their arms extended backward to support their bodies off the floor. Place a balloon on the floor midway between the goals.

On signal, have both teams move toward the balloon, keeping the crab position described, and attempt to kick the balloon over the opposing goal. They may kick it with one foot or drop it to a sitting position and use both feet. Players must not stand up and run or move in any other position than the one described. They are not to touch the balloon with their hands. Teams should keep some players back to defend their goal and send others forward to drive the balloon over their opponent's goal. When the balloon goes out of bounds, it is put in play by the referee at the point it went out. Touching the balloon with the hand, leaving the crab position, and unnecessary roughness in kicking, striking, or shoving an opponent are fouls. The penalty is a free kick for the other side where the foul occurred. Have all opposing players 6' away at the time of the free-kick. Score 1 point each time a team kicks the balloon over the goal. The first to score 10 points wins.



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