Always Do Your Best
Posted On: 2019-03-12

Prepare four cue cards, one for each Scout, with the following text on the back and  the key word in large letters on the front. After reading each card, the Scout should  hold his card up for everyone to see the key word.

Cub Scout #1: Key Word- "Always"

When training a pet, a good Scout remembers to feed him and take care of him - Always [holds up his card].

Cub Scout #2: Key Word - "Do"

Pets need company and someone to play with. Left alone, a pet becomes lonely and can become mean. Playing and spending time with a pet is the right thing to Do [holds up second card].

Cub Scout #3: Key Word - "Your"

When you have trained a pet, he learns to behave and to follow your instructions. When a pet does what you want him to do, you know that he is

Yours [holds up third card].

Cub Scout #4: Key Word -"Best"

Pets often learn to greet you when you get home from school. Knowing that a pet likes to be with you is the Best [holds up last card].