Posted On: 2022-01-10

Group sits in a circle. One player is sent out of the room and the others take counsel and decide what this player must be when he comes back. They decide, for example, that he shall be a policeman. When he comes in he asks each of the players in turn what he can buy for himself. In this case, he can buy a pair of black boots, a whistle, a flashlight, and so on. When he has gone around the circle he is given two chances to guess what he is and if he does not know he loses a point.

Variation: As above, but the group decides who the person sent out of the room will be. (Famous athlete, politician, musician, movie star, etc.) The person sent out of room tries to determine who he is by elimination: Am I living? Am I Canadian? Am I in sports? etc. Set a time limit of ten minutes.