Lost Money
Posted On: 2022-01-10

CAST:          Several CUB SCOUTS

SETTING:       1st Cub is circling around and looking down at the ground.

2ND CUB:       What are you doing?

1ST CUB:       I dropped my money and I’m looking for it.

2ND CUB:       Well, I’ll help you look

(Other Cubs come up one at a time and ask him what he is doing. He tells them he lost his
money and they agree to help look. Eventually, there are several boys circling around
looking for the money on the ground.)

LAST CUB:      What are you doing?

1ST CUB:       I’m looking for the money I lost.

LAST CUB:      Where did you lose it?

1ST CUB:       Down the street by those houses.

LAST CUB:      Then why are you looking for it here?

1ST CUB:       Because this is where the street light is.



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