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Happyness Is - Misery Is
Posted On: 2009-01-23

CAST:    2 to 8 Cub Scouts, or more
         (Cubs alternate; first boy says: “HAPPINESS IS…,” second boy says : “MISERY

PROPS:   Hold up cards or cardboard cutouts (painted) of smiling and sad faces that boys can make

1ST CUB: HAPPINESS IS…Hearing your Dad has won an all expense paid trip to Hawaii.

2ND CUB: MISERY IS…when you find out that the trip is for two and you have to stay home with
         a baby-sitter.

1ST CUB: HAPPINESS IS…When your Dad drives you to school in his brand new car and all your
         friends are there to see you.

2ND CUB: MISERY IS…When you get out and the door falls off and lands on your toes.

1ST CUB: HAPPINESS IS…When your Mom takes you and your friends for a ride in her new
         convertible with the top down.

2ND CUB: MISERY IS…When it starts to rain cats and dogs and the top won’t go up.

1ST CUB: HAPPINESS IS…When you’re flying in outer space in a big space ship and you are in

2ND CUB: MISERY IS…Waking up with a big headache after you’ve fallen out of bed from the top

1ST CUB: HAPPINESS IS…Getting to do it yourself - build your own motorcycle kit and your
         Dad is going to help you put it together.

2ND CUB: MISERY IS…Opening the box and finding the instructions written in Japanese.

1ST CUB: HAPPINESS IS…Getting a bike for your birthday.

2ND CUB: MISERY IS…When you find it has three wheels.


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