What's My Hobby?
Posted On: 2022-01-06

SETTING: The scene opens with a bunch of boys talking about their hobbies. Each, in turn, gets the
                   others to guess what his hobby is by using the “ten-dollar word” to describe it.

(Here are some suggested hobbies and what they are:)
                   Numismatist - coin collector
                   Philatelist - stamp collector
                   Ornithologist - bird watcher
                   Horticulturist - scientific gardener
                   Paleontologist - fossil specialist
                   Fromologist - cheese label collector
                   You add others!

(End with one boy boasting that his dad collects something, but there isn’t any fancy name for it. The
others guess all kinds of ridiculous things but finally, give up.)

LAST BOY      I knew you’d never guess this one! Dad is a BILL COLLECTOR!”

ALL:               (in unison) A BILL COLLECTOR!